2019 Pirate Pub Crawl

2019 Pirate Pub Crawl


Alright you dirty scoundrels, it’s time for the Walk the Plank Pirate Pub Crawl presented by Miller Lite. We’ve made some changes to this year’s event and added some new treasure for one lucky pirate or wench! This year the Pub Crawl will take place on Saturday, October 12 from 12 Noon to 6 pm. Pirates and wenches wanting to participate will be able to pick up a punch card at any of the participating bars/restaurants and start from there. You must visit 6 locations with one being the Sweetwater Beer Garden located inside the festival grounds. To receive your stamp you must purchase a beverage in that location (does not have to be alcoholic).  Upon completion, participants will need to bring their punch cards to the Pirate Ship Bar inside the festival grounds. 1 Lucky winner will receive the grand prize treasure chest filled with gift certificates and booty from local Tybee businesses and 50 participants will receive a custom collectors edition Pirate Pub Crawl T-Shirt. 

  • Pick Up Punch Card at any participation stop.
  • Must get 6 stamps to qualify
  • One stamp must be from Sweetwater Beer Garden inside grounds. 
  • Once completed turn in to Pirate Ship bar inside grounds. 
  • 1st Person to turn in a completed card with all 9 stops wins grand prize treasure.

2019 Participating Bars/Restaurants. 

3 Thoughts to “2019 Pirate Pub Crawl”

  1. Linda Tarsa

    Just my humble opinion, giving the grand prize to the first to turn in a completed card doesn’t leave much incentive to participate. An insider gets a card and knocks off a quick drink at each spot, boom, prize is gone before first hour is even up. Surely the intent is not to encourage those interested to have 6 drinks as quickly as possible, but rather to enjoy the ambience each participating bar has to offer, greet friends, maybe grab a bite to eat. I think it’s a much better idea to draw randomly for the grand prize from all who enter a completed card within the stated time frame. For those first 50 who get cards done quickly, a t-shirt is a great souvenir. Just a thought for next your, mates.

    1. admin

      Let me discuss with the group and see what we come up with.

  2. M Sig

    Will the event be back for 2022? I’d love to bring a few friends!

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