The Landsharks Band to Play Friday, Oct. 5, 2018

Meet The Landshark Band


After performing with LandsharksJimmy Buffett hired The Landsharks to be the house band at Margaritaville, and The Landsharks became part of beach music history.  As one of the most popular beach bands in the world, The Landsharks have an impressive resume, including opening up for, backing up, and playing with Jimmy Buffett, in concert, and opening up for The Beach Boys, in concert.  The Band has even played at The Super Bowl, several times! The Landsharks perform throughout the world, as a Florida Beach Band, and also as a California Beach Bandor both! A Landsharks show is fun and interactive, and The Landsharks really know how to get a crowd going! 

Friday, October 5 @7:30 PM – Main Stage 

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