5 Thoughts to “2013 T-Shirt Design”

  1. donna price

    is there a way we can purchase tshirts for this event prior to coming on saturday. thanks

    1. admin

      They will only be available at the fest. We don’t have them from the printer yet, it will be Thursday. Due to that we don’t have enough time to sort them and put them for sale before the event. We will put them online after the event.

  2. Why don’t you make them available online for people that can’t be there this year.

    1. admin

      We have been a little behind this year and we don’t even have them yet to put online. They don’t come in till Thursday. Due to this we don’t have enough time to get them up before the event. We will put them up after the festival.

  3. Ed Bell

    Please let me know when they are available on line
    I wish I could be there but Cali is a way away

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