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Every year Wenches, Rogues and Krewes don their finest pirate attire and enter our costume contest. Here be a little information on times locations and rules for this years Costume Contest.

Good luck t’ all ye dirty sea dogs!


Saturday, October 6th – 6pm – Mainstage
Registration: Saturday 11am – 5pm – Info Booth

Come claim ye awards for donning your finest pirate attire. The Finest Attired Wench, Rouge, and Amateur Krewe receive treasure chests full of booty and loot from all over Tybee Island. This is a family friendly costume event; costumes should not be too risqué! No pilfering, plundering, looting, brawling, or lewd behaviour during registration or contest. Field may be narrowed to less than 20 contestants for Rouges and Wenches and four Krewes prior to contest. Come dressed to register!

Saturday, October 6th – 5 – 6pm – Shipwreck Stage
Registration: Saturday 11am – 4pm – Info Booth

Field may be narrowed to less than 20 contestants in each category. Contest begins after the Pet’s Costume Contest. Please report to Little Matey’s Cove for contest no later than 4:30pm for line-up. Everyone will receive a prize for entering. 1st Place Treasure Chest Prize will be awarded in the following categories: Boys 0 – 6 years, Girls 0 – 6 years, Boys 7 -13 years, Girls 7 -13 years

Saturday, October 6th – 5:30pm
Registration: Saturday 10am – 5pm – Info Booth
$5 suggested donation per pet

Prizes for First and Second Place winners.
All proceeds benefit the Islands Feral Cat Project (
Pets must remain on a leash at all times.

Costume Contest

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