King & Queen

Run the shot across the bow! We have a new King and Queen!

Here ye, here ye! The 2012 Pirate Fest King and Queen have been chosen. Join us for the coronation of our new king and queen at the Buccaneer Ball at the one and only Crab Shack. Tickets are available now! Get them here.

King (Capt.) Mike and Queen Iris – Our 2012 Tybee Island Pirate Fest Royal Couple

Our 2012 Pirate Fest King and Queen made their way to Tybee Island twenty years ago. From their cozy spot on Lazaretto Creek, the pair has helped the island grow into the destination it is today.

Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventures is a Tybee Island institution and Mike and Iris are active members of the community. Their involvement in early days of TybeeFest includes the planning of a party to greet Harley riders as they ended a cross-county ride, the planning of boat races down the Tybee shore, and, of course, Pirate Fest.

For them, the festival began as a “labor of love.” The pair even traveled as far as New Orleans for a little pirate research. They are proud of what TybeeFest accomplished and detailed the remarkable increase in off-season visitors. As regular and passionate supporters of Tybee Island Pirate Fest, Mike and Iris make the perfect royal couple.

This year, as the King and Queen of Pirate Fest, Captain Mike and Iris will enjoy the festivities from a completely new and pampered prospective. Please make sure to extend the royal greeting when you see them in the festival or down at the docks.

Captain Mike and Iris extend their royal invitation to join them in a pre-coronation celebration. Come and greet our new King and Queen at the first ever Happy Arrrr at Coco’s Sunset Grille on Wednesday, October 3rd from 5pm to 7pm. Loyal subjects may enjoy complimentary appetizers and grog specials.

King & Queen Coronation

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