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We would like to welcome the Brigands!

The Brigands to play all weekend at our *NEW* Mug’s of Mutiny Pub…sponsored by Southern Eagle! – The Brigands be a musical minded group, performing songs, Sea Shanties and tunes, lore and fact, from the Golden Age of Piracy, 1650-1750 and beyond.

Pirate music & Black powder cannons “Party like it’s 1724″

Music was critical to the sailing of wooden vessels. It kept the hands working and pulling in unison, through storm and wind and calm. The Brigands bring the music from the deck of HMS Hellion ashore for you to enjoy. A bit rowdy, a bit naughty, always fun and sure to get your blood pumping. Thrill to the calls for “All hands to make sail. Trice up and lay out! “. The Brigands have been called the ultimate pirate band, music that could have been heard in any dockside tavern, where sailors, pirates, buccaneers and privateers all came, to spend their hard earned ( or ill gotten) money, drinking and singing the songs of the era. The Brigands also perform a full Black Powder cannon and small arms demonstration, showing audiences the main weapons that pirates used to become the best known pre-emptive marine salvage experts in the world. The Brigands demonstrate flintlock pistols, muskets and of course, our Beloved Cannons!

The Brigands formed in 2001, when Al was approached by the Blackbeard Festival about performing at the events’ 3rd year. Both Brett and Erik had been playing music with their father for some time before that and were very familiar with Al’s fiddle tunes and original music (living with a musician will do that to you). It was an easy step to teach the boys the shantys and sea ballads Al knew, and so The Brigands started. That first year, The Brigands only performed at two events, but were immediately asked to come back for the next year. In 2002, they started a long time relationship with the Connecticut Renaissance Faire; that and the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton Va remain keystones in The Brigands performance season and have a special place deep in the hold of the Hellion. Since then, The Brigands have performed at Faires and Festivals up and down the Eastern seaboard, from Maine to Florida, bringing their unique sound to audience and faire-goers delight.

A typical show would include some music from the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1750), be it a shanty or ballad or fiddle tune. We try to select music that has actually survived to this day and you will be surprised when you realize that you know some of it already! The performance will also have some of Al’s original fiddle or concertina tunes. The Brigands are known for their emotive fiddle tunes, whether lively and sprightly or haunting and even sad. There is emotional content in all The Brigands music.

The celtic and Scotish influences are heard, from Al’s love of pipe music and some tunes they perform are bagpipe melodies transposed for the fiddle and concertina. The Brigands also include music from more modern sources and will sneak in a song from “Muppet Treasure Island” ( one of the great pirate movies) if given a chance! Modern sources might also include music from the Age of Sail, the age of the mighty windjammers and clipper ships just before steam took over. The bulk of shantys that survive are from that era, and people associate those closest with the sea. The Brigands shows would not be complete with out plenty of songs about life ashore for sailors, be they olde tunes or traditional songs.

For more info on The Brigands>>> www.TheBrigands.com 

The Brigands

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